Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Training log - 12.08 - 18.08

A strength week, my aim was to make it to CrossFit as much as possible.

Monday - Rest day

Tuesday - CrossFit

It was MouseFit's (my friend and business partner-in-law) birthday and so she got to choose the WOD out of the lucky draw. She happily chose a hopper consisting of wallballs and sit-ups. My wallballs have come a long way so I opted for the 10kg (22 pound) ball. Sit-ups being a massive weakness of mine, I managed to get ahead of the rest of the athletes on the wallballs but fell behind on the sit-ups.

For time
Wall Ball   (10kg)
Sit Up

Result: 6:00

Wednesday - Run - Camps Bay

I braved the rain and wind to go for a good road run. I started at TAGG and headed along the beach road through Bantry Bay (into a head and rain wind). Then up Biskop steps, up Kloofnek road and down into Camps Bay. Back along the beach, up Biskop again and then through the burbs back to TAGG. It was good to get some step training in and the second time at Biskop, at about 11.5km, I felt stronger than the first time which is encouraging. This pails in comparison to the highlight of my run. Camps Bay is an eclectic neighbourhood and so you would expect to hear or see any number of things when in the area and nothing should really surprise you. To hear a rooster crowing at 6h00am seemed very out of place though. I wander if someone is taking the free-range concept to a new level.

476m climb

Thursday - Run - Newlands Forest

On my usual route at Newlands Forest however I did not extend it as far as the King's Blockhouse this time as the views are quite nice on the way back and I wanted to experience them in the daylight. I felt strong up the contour path and the rains over the week provided some good river crossings so I was happy to get some wet shoe practice.

558m climb

Friday - Rest

Saturday - CrossFit

A group WOD involved us in teams of 3 sharing a number of exercises for a 25 minute AMRAP. These involved sets of 25 deadlifts, 50 burpees, 75 wallballs and 100 double unders. Our team managed 3.5 rounds. This was my contribution.

20 x deadlift   75kg
80 x burpees
55 x wallballs   10kg
100 x double unders (this is a guess, it gets intense at double under time so we all pretty much lost count)

Sunday - very much a rest day loaded with episodes of Game of Thrones after celebrating my brother Canuck's and my mate Zingela's birthdays.

Week run total Mileage - 21.2km
Metres gained - 1,034m
Time - 2h14

Some very blurry pics of the water crossings on the contour path

This was bone dry last week

An obstacle

Favourite view point

Not sure if my budget phone is meant for panoramic pics

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