Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Training log - 26.08 - 08.09: Time off and Top 10

After feeling some ITB pain the previous week, I decided to take a week off to recover. I am petrified of chronic ITB so I played it safe. Also I have hopes for September to be a high mileage month so I needed to make sure I was ready.

Mon - Sat - R and R

Sunday - WoD in the Winelands

TAGG Team WoDding in the Winelands
I joined the TAGG team at Groot Constantia for a CrossFit event to raise money for Guts 2 Glory which is a non-profit organisation that raises money primarily for disabled athletes. There was also a 15km run which I decided to do. The race was unfortunately poorly organised with a bad turnout which was a pity as it is such a good cause. I think I would have placed well however some of the lead runners missed one of the turnoffs which meant they ran a different route to the rest of us and so there were essentially 2 races going on (??). I finished in about 45 minutes which means either the route was not measured properly or I ran at 3min/km for the 15km. I think I will write this one down to a fun-run, which is a pity as I think with better organisation they could raise a lot more money for their athletes.

Whilst all this was going on, the CrossFit workouts continued through the rain. The teams had to do an event of running and sled pushes then another of burpee box-overs and shuttle runs. All quite high heart rate stuff. The TAGG teams did exceptionally well with the Men's team winning the whole competition. Once again our little box brought the gees and performed really well.

Monday - Run - Newlands Forest

The usual 8km route wearing my new Inov-8s. This was the first time I could test them out on the trail and I was really chuffed. For the first time I felt like I could glide over the rocks like I see all the small ladies doing at the races. They are incredibly light and the grip really helps the confidence on the technical sections. Good bye New Balance.


Tuesday - Rest day

Wednesday - Run - Merrell Night Series #1

And they're off
(Photo credit: Mark Sampson - Thribe Media)
This was the first of the Spring edition of the Merrell Night Series. My first trail race was actually in the summer version so I was keen to see how I got on. This is an incredible series of 3 weekly runs (you can choose either 8km or 5.5km) starting quite late which gives people a chance to kit themselves out in their winter gear and headlamps ( The field was small so I decided to position myself near the front at the start to avoid spending the first bit tripping over toes. About 1 km I realised that although I started conservatively, I was overtaking people and I could still see the front I decided to give it all I had. I got myself into a good position and duelled with a chap named Danie and a Polish chap of unpronounceable name most of the way. My excitement got the better of me and I started to tire with about 2km to go. Danie and Unpronouncable left me behind but I couldn't see any headlamps behind me so I knew my position was set. I blitzed through the last km and came through in 7th place! I am very happy with my first top 10 finish and being only 3 minutes off the winner. Also being in the top 10% meant I was way ahead of my usual goal of top 25% so it felt really good. I really pushed hard which made me think that maybe I am being too conservative on the longer races and I should go out a little harder (this strategy could well be very wrong). This was also the first race that I have never been "chicked".


Giving everything in 7th spot
(Photo credit: Mark Sampson - Thribe Media)

The leaderboard

Thursday - Rest day

Friday - CrossFit

TAGG are running a series of 6 classes for my fellow auditors in order to train for the Impi Challenge on 18 October. It is a lot of fun and a way to get some new people into CrossFit as well as get their bodies stronger for the obstacle course race. We did events in teams of 2 which was a good way to get the teamwork aspect going as well.

Team Saggers rocking it

Teamwod for time (teams of 2)

2 rounds of
400m 20kg Barbell carry
20 Pull-ups
30 Push-ups
40 Sit-ups
50 Squats

Result: 13:15

Saturday - Run - Table Mountain

A nice long run all around Table Mountain on an incredible sunny day which to me marks the beginning of what I plan to be a summer of lots of running. I started at Newlands Forest and made my way up to the Contour Path. I turned left to experience some of the trail I will be doing next week in the Table Mountain Challenge 'Lite' Race. At Kirstenbosch I headed up Skeleton's Gorge where I did not see a single person the whole way up (unusual as this is quite a popular route). At the reservoir I smashed a Bovril sandwich and then headed up to Maclears Beacon. After Maclears I was feeling a bit faint. I had tried something new foodwise, only taking sandwiches with me. I realised I needed something sweet also so I made my way to the upper Cable Station to get some Jelly Beans. That helped me out a lot and I headed down Platteklip. On the way down I started feeling ITB pain again which was a worry but nevertheless I made it to the bottom and then pushed myself as hard as possible down Kloof Nek and back to TAGG (the rugby was starting at 12 so I had to move). It was a good run with lots of climbing but what followed was an intense afternoon of ITB pain and lots of ice.


Sunday - Rest day

Week run total
Mileage - 40.3km
Metres gained - 2,714m
Time - 4h29

Some pics from Table Mountain

Which way to go?

Nice one Jan

Percentage runnable?

I bet some people thought it was overcast today

Good morning

Breakfast time

Looking back to Cape Point - the route I plan to run next year for PUFfeR

Climbing up

High point of my day

The way to beat bad weather is to rise above it

The only chap I saw on the run

Long day out needs a reward

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