Thursday, 19 September 2013

Training log - 09.09 - 15.09 - Research and reward

I ended last week with water on the knee in the form of ice for my ITB pain and determined to not let this become chronic. Being cautious, I knew this was going to be a low-mileage week.

Monday - Lynotherapy

I can't describe this as a rest day as my first lynotherapy session ever was a workout in itself. Lynotherapy ( is a method used to correct biomechanical imbalance by restructuring and releasing of the fascia (connective tissue). It was incredibly painful but in a good way (it's a deep burn). They found that I have incredibly tight hip flexors and my alignment was biased towards my right side which meant I was basically running skew and therefore getting injured. The cool thing about this rehab is you don't need to stop exercising but I did need to take it a bit easier.

Tuesday - Rest day

Wednesday - Run - Merrell night series # 2

(Photo credit: Peter Kirk - Peter Kirk Media)

The second of the night series and after my top 10 placing last week, I was determined to give it everything. I started with the front runners and could quickly see that it would be a different race to the week before as the front group was a lot bigger. The started out flat which meant the guys were pushing it at under 4min/km and I tried my best to keep up but eventually started falling back at about the 3km point. Not long after that I had a spectacular face plant (when it was still light and on some flat gravel road) which shook me up a little. Feeling tired and bleeding I was not a happy night runner and as people continued to pass me I realised I was not going to make top 10 again. The course was a lot more difficult consisting of a relentless uphill on a path that had been corroded by heavy runs making it quite tiring to run on. I walked the uphill and then ran the downhill to the end as quickly as I could. I managed to catch back one of the guys who passed me and finished in 15th spot. Not my best race and I learned that I really need to run my own race, not matter how short, rather than trying to race the competitors.


Thursday - Sports Science Study

Running around the Sports Science Institute Track
I have volunteered to participate in a study by a doctoral student from UCT on barefoot running and on Thursday I went for my first session. The study will continue over an 8 week period where I will follow a program aimed at introducing a shod runner (one who runs with big bulky shoes) to barefoot running. I go for assessments every 2 weeks to see how the program affects my running technique and strength. The first session involved them shaving patches off my previously hairy legs to stick on little electrode things and some reflective lights which projects a stick image on the computer. I then ran up and down a patch about 10 times with and without shoes on. From there they will be able to assess all sorts of things about my technique. Then I had to put on this darth vader type mask and run around the track 8 times with and then without shoes. The purpose of this is to assess whether I am able to utilise oxygen more or less effectively with the different types of running. I am very excited to be involved in this study and am hoping that I can get some good feedback by the end of it on aspects of my technique.

Friday - CrossFit

TAGG hosted my guys from work again for our Fist Pump Fridays workouts to train for the Impi Challenge. A group workout again involving running, wallballs and box jumps which are fast becoming my 3 favourite exercises so it was a lot of fun. I didn't push too hard as I had a race the next day.

Team wod for time (teams of 2)

 5 rounds of
400m flat run
30 Wall balls (6kg)
30 Box Jumps (50cm)

Saturday - Run - Table Mountain Challenge Lite

An awesome event which turned out to be a lot tougher than I thought it would be but I was still happy to get another top 10. I put this down as a reward for that crazy lynotherapy session. A full race report to follow.


Sunday - Rest day

Week run total
Mileage - 29km
Metres gained - 1,776m
Time - 3h04

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