Thursday, 3 October 2013

Training log - 16.09 - 29.09 - G-town and Jackie

It has been quite a frustrating 2 weeks, one of those patches when I guess life just gets in the way of living. I had planned for these 2 weeks to be quite high-mileage before I start chilling before Matroosberg Trail Challenge but unfortunately an exam, heavy workload and some road travel meant I had quite a few rest days.

16.09 - 22.09

The running accountant
Monday - Study i.e. rest

Tuesday - Study i.e. rest

Wednesday - I was all set for the final Merrell Night Series run but at the last minute I pulled out as I realised that I was way underprepared for my 6 hour Tax exam the following day so I opted to hit the books instead. I guess in the unlikely event that I don't make it as a pro trailrunner, I need something to fall back on.

Thursday - Exhausted from writing about tax for 6 hours so I rested...again

Friday - CrossFit - Fist pump Fridays

Quite a fun session involving some strength work.

3 rounds of 1 min per exercise rotating on 45 seconds. Max number of reps.

Kettlebell swings   16kg Russian
Rope climbs
Burpees onto bumper plate
Push press   20kg

Saturday - 10 hour drive from Cape Town to Grahamstown

Sunday - Run - Rhino Run 20km Kenton

An awesome but tough little run down on the picturesque coastline of Kenton to raise funds for the rhinos. Race report to follow.

23.09 - 29.09

Monday - I had planned to do a track session at the Rhodes track but instead got stuck into the Rat and Parrot realising that my long-term plan of being an Academic may be more detrimental to my running goals than beneficial

Tuesday - 10 hour drive from Grahamstown to Cape Town

Wednesday - Run - Newlands Forest

My loop was a lot slower than usual. I put this down to a lazy few weeks and an indulgent weekend. Also I had a bad day nutrition wise and didn't take anything with me on the run so felt really weak for the last 3km. Not the best run.

My future kicks
Thursday - Rest - I had my second trial at Sports Science Institute so I can't really count it as training. We did pretty much the same as last time (running up and down with a whole lot of sensors on). Highlight was getting a chance to run in some minimalist shoes which I found out I can keep but only after conclusion of the trial. The Adidas Adipure Gazelle's are incredibly comfortable and I did not want to take them off. Once I get them for keeps I will be able to put them to the test but I am hopeful that they will be a good option for road races, probably up to half marathon but maybe further.

Friday - CrossFit - Fist pump Fridays

Boys vs Girls in teams of 3 we did 4 rounds of:

30 x Pull-ups
30 x Wallball throws
30 x Box jump overs
30 x 20m Shuttle sprints

Lots of fun and definitely got the heartrate up.

Saturday - CrossFit - Jackie

The guys at TAGG ( have got us started on a Wellness Challenge. We took some physical assessments (weight, body fat %, cholesterol etc.) and performed some indicator exercises (max deadlift, handstand pushups and benchmark workout Jackie). For a month we then track various challenges e.g. how well you follow the prescribed eating program, flexibility work, skills practice and healthy food recipe challenge. We get points on a daily basis working in teams of 2 which helps for accountability. At the end of the month we measure all the indicators again and get points on where we improved. This challenge kicked off on Saturday with us all doing our benchmark exercises. It should be a good month and couldn't come at a better time as it is OctSober after all and it is a great way for me to ensure I peak for Matroosberg. 


Max deadlift - 140kg
HSPU - 3

Jackie (scaled pull-ups)
For time
1km run
50 Thrusters   20kg
30 Pull-ups   Purple band

Result: 8m17

Fortnight run totalMileage - 28km
Metres gained - ??
Time - about 3h30

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