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Training log - 09.12.13 - 15.12.13: Training starts again

Chilling at the top of Skeleton Gorge (photo source: )
Despite a pretty busy week at work, I was still able to get in a decent training week. Following my Cool Impossible training program involves running 6 days a week. 2 of these days are optional rest days so it allows some flexibility but I want to try and either run or CrossFit on these days. The runs are more structured than just trotting it out for an hour so it is quite cool to have something else to think about instead of just losing myself in the wonderful sounds of Mumford and his sons. This added distraction helps because I have limited my running to flat road to try and work on technique and pacing. This involves repeating the same route in and around Century City quite often which, although it has a certain developed beauty, can get really boring after a while.

Monday - Run - Century City

10 min Heart Rate Zone 1-2 - warmup
45 min Heart Rate Zone 2 with 15 seconds sprint every 5 minutes and cadence count every other 5 minutes
5 min Heart Rate Zone 1 - cooldown

Felt pretty good and calf held up even on the sprints. My cadence seemed to get quicker as I got more tired which I don't know if that is a good or bad thing. When I felt like I was running quicker I was on about 84 strides per minute and then when I didn't really think about it I was between 88 and 92 which is where I want to be.

Ave pace: 5:59/km
Ave HR: 158bpm

Tuesday - CrossFit

This was an optional rest day so I hit TAGG CrossFit for a long overdue session. This involved deadlifts which my form seemed to be a bit off and then a metcon of hand stand push-ups and deadlifts. I really struggled with the hand stand push-ups but I know this is a week point so I was happy to sacrifice a good time for the extra practice.

SKILL/ STRENGTH: Work to a heavy deadlift
8x60% = 80kg
5x65% = 90kg
3x70% = 95kg
2x75% = 100kg
1x80% = 105kg
1x85% = 110kg

MIDLINE: 3 Rounds
x10 Hollow Rocks
30 Sec Side Plank Hold

MET CON: 15-12-9-6-3
Deadlift at 50-60% of established weight - 60kg
HSPU - on 1 ab mat (I made it until the 6 round)


100 D/Us or 200 Singles - I did singles as tired double unders still need some work.

Wednesday - Run - Century City

15 min building up to Heart Rate Zone 3
4 x 30 second sprints with 1 min rest interval
6 x 2 min in Speed Zone 4 with 2 min rest interval
5 min Heart Rate Zone 1 - cooldown

See below pacing chart for the variations in sprints vs Heart Rate

Ave pace: 5:33/km
Ave HR: 156bpm

Thursday - Run - Century City

This was an optional rest day but I ran it anyway which turned out to be a good thing as I had to take Friday off.

10 min building to Heart Rate Zone 2
45 min steady in Heart Rate Zone 2
5 min Heart Rate Zone 1 - cooldown

Ave pace: 5:35/km
Ave HR: 163bpm

Friday - Rest - worked late

Saturday - Hike - Skeleton Gorge

An awesome morning out with the members of TAGG to celebrate the end of the year. It has been a crazy good year with this Box that has seen it grow to capacity in only 7 months. What has also been incredible to watch is the formation of a really strong community of people who didn't even know each other this time last year. The hike was a fitting celebration of this and served to further strengthen these community ties. We met at 7am (FYI Kirstenbosch opens at 6am) and cruised up the top for a swim and then back down for some cupcakes and sparkling wine. It was a most of the guys first time doing this route (or any route) so I really enjoyed showing them how great it is to have fun on a mountain. It also got me eveready to get back on the trails next year.

Sunday - Run - Blouberg

I substituted my Saturday morning early long run for a Sunday afternoon late long run. A pretty simple route from Paddocks centre along the beach for 45 minutes and then back again. Steady running the whole way. I felt strong and looking forward to building up my distances over the next few weeks.

Ave pace: 5:28/km

Total week running log

Mileage:    45.55km
Time:   4:17:12

Some pics from Skeleton Gorge (from

Full team setting off

On the way up

Long flight of stairs

Rest and gather in the forest

Never get bored of views like this


All worth it

Full team summiting

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