Thursday, 15 May 2014

Training log: 07.04 - 05.05 - 2 Oceans and too little running

A mad mad month was April with the opening of the new TAGG CrossFit premises, family visiting and a thesis occupying some distant part of the back of my mind meant that although I had a great time, I had little chance to run (and evidently little chance to update my log blog).

Week 1

Monday - Run - Quarter Chappies

A pleasant little evening trot up with Big Dogg to one of the lookout points on Chappies with Hout Bay delivering some exceptional sunset photo opportunities.


Tuesday - Run - Morning jog and time trial

I wanted to gauge my fitness levels before 2 Oceans so I did a decent warmup around Sea Point and then hit the 5km Time Trial. I came in at just over 21 minutes in the time trial which is not far off my PB so I figured I was doing alright (I was wrong).


Friday - Run - Up Chappies with the lads

Chapman's Peak - Beasted
I had a day's leave so I took Big Dogg and my brother-in-law (let's call him Apache) up to the top of Chappies. The way down felt really quick and I think it was due to the company. This would prove detrimental to me at 2 Oceans where once again I struggled down this deceptively long downhill. Little did I know at the time, this would be the beginning of my taper for the big race


Week Total

Week 2

Life completely got in the way and I didn't get a chance to do any warm-up runs pre 2 Oceans which I think was a huge mistake. I struggled in the race, more details in my race report.

Week Total

Week 3 and 4

Big rest weeks as I recovered from 2 Oceans and dealt with a few little niggles I picked up due to being incredibly underprepared. The only run I managed was a brief sprint through Sea Point as I raced the team from the old TAGG to the new TAGG. They were in a car loaded with equipment and started 6 minutes after me. They caught me with about 500 metres to go, it was tight and I am demanding a rematch.

Week Total
0:18:00 (estimated)

So now 2 Oceans is done and I get to focus on trail running again. I have created a more structured and less pressurized training program for myself consisting of the following each week:

2 Medium distance runs very slow
1 Long trail run
1 Either interval or hill session
1 Pilates class
2 CrossFit classes

The main things I learnt in 2 Oceans is that my weak core is seriously holding me back (hence Pilates) and I need to focus on better quality training as opposed to simply going for mileage. Also I am not good at following a rigid schedule but I do need to incorporate some form of routine into my training as if it is too haphazard I tend to miss important sessions especially hills and intervals. The above schedule is flexible and includes plenty rest days which helps me fit it into my work requirements. The way I see it, it is 7 out of a total of 14 possible sessions in a week (2 a day). So I am trying to do double days on Tuesdays and Thursdays which means I only need to fit the other 3 in around that.

In addition to revitalising my training routine, I am working on my diet. In the build-up to 2 Oceans I was so focussed on taking in as many Carbs as possible that I was eating (and drinking) really bad quality carbs. So I set myself a challenge of going Vegan for the month of May. It is pretty extreme but I was keen to try it mainly to see what effects this sort of diet has on my energy levels. I will include a full detailed review of my #veganMay in June.

So with a new approach to training and eating, I am really excited about the Trail season and have entered some really cool races including Fishermans, Hout Bay Trail Challenge and of course Rhodes. It is time to embrace the winter!

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