Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Special: Garmin Virb Elite Tester

My new best friend
I have for some time been toying with the idea of getting an action camera so that I can share my adventures with the world (or just the people that follow this blog). It has been a back and forth in my mind and despite dropping some serious Christmas hints last year, I have never managed to take the plunge and go out and get one. So I was quite excited when I was chosen by Garmin South Africa to be a tester for their new Garmin Virb Elite HD Action Camera (find out about it here). This is an incredible piece of equipment that has an array of features enabling me to video and photo whilst out in the mountains and keep track of my trailstumbling via the built in GPS.

I will post a more detailed review when I have played around with it a bit more but for now all I can say is that things are about to get a whole lot more real.

Here is my first clip messing around on the trails above Chapmans Peak. I still need to work on my editing skills but I really like the little speedometer overlay. Check it out here


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