Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Training log - 15.07 - 21.07

The week started slowly but finished with an abundance of good activities over the weekend inclusive of beer, burpees and battling over a mountain.

Monday - Rest - work induced

I had to work late so came home and did a quiet 50 double unders and 50 pushups.

Tuesday - Run - interval training

In my quest to get fitter, stronger and faster I am experimenting with some interval training. This is quite new to me and I definitely felt the activation of some muscles I have not felt in a long time. I am trying out parts of a program based on the CrossFit Endurance methods which focus on short sessions at high-intensity.

8 x 200m sprint and 200m jog back starting every 2 minutes

0m climb

Wednesday - Run

A good run around the burbs of Century City. I ran my normal loop but for the first time actually measured and timed myself. I worked out it can serve as a good 12km time trial to use to track progress as it is quite flat and quiet. I was quite happy to average under 5min/km but need to get it down a bit more so have set my goal at getting this route down to 55 min.

0m climb

Thursday - Rest

An important timeout before a busy weekend.

Friday - CrossFit

Quite a good session where I started to see some progress. I see CrossFit as an important way to build strength for trail running so it was great to make some headway. Started by practicing double unders where I have finally started to link them continuously. It is now just a matter of practicing the rhythm. Then on to max box jump which basically involves piling weight plates ontop of a box and jumping onto it from a standing still position. I maxed out at 122cm (about the height of the bottom of my sternum). I was able to get the height but I think I will be able to get higher if squat lower on the take-off to really engage my hips. This all comes with flexibility which is a common issue with runners. Then lastly was a good high intensity met con followed by a solid Mexican dinner accompanied by a Citizen Amber Ale which is a new micro-brew that is just incredible.

AFAP (As Fast As Possible) - Result 6m48

200m Sprint
3 rounds of
 - 15 Kettlebell Swings    (20kg Russian)
 - 6/6 Overhead Lunges   (20kg)
 - 10 Toes to bar    (Knees to almost elbows)
200m Sprint

Saturday - CrossFit

An excellent event hosted by CrossFit Tokai where athletes from various boxes attempted 67 minutes of burpees in order to raise funds to provide underprivileged school children with bursaries to attend school. My strategy was to take it slow and just see how many I get to and hopefully I would have some juice left in the tank to bust out some quick ones in the end. I started doing 10 at a time but for the last 20 minutes was only able shifts of 5 which saw me end on 335 burpees. Far below the leading men and women who managed to complete in excess of 600 (very proud of my coach/nutritionist/wife who finished second lady on 540). At about burpee number 200 I began to realise how much more efficient it is to really use your hips and core to initiate the motion rather than trying to muscle it with arms and legs which I feel is a skill that will really help the climbing and single track parts of the trail.

Burpees for bursaries - AMRAP (as many reps as possible) 67min

Result - 335

Sunday - Run

The first of the Cape Winter Trail Series was a 16km trail run through Paul Cluver Wine Estate (more detailed race report to follow). The race was fast and my strategy was to go out quickly and try and race it rather than just compete. The strategy changed somewhat on the uphills when I started to feel every one of the 335 burpees from the day before. A good event and I preformed okay despite being a bit fatigued.

715m climb

Week run total

Mileage - 31.3km
Metres gained - 715
Time - 2h58

Some pics from the Burpees for Bursaries event

 The clock starts

 Team TAGG CrossFit

CrossFitters from all over Cape Town busting it out for a good cause 

No 1 and 2 from the ladies

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