Thursday, 29 August 2013

Training log - 19.08 - 25.08: New shoes and Puffer

A higher mileage week, I didn't quite get as high as I planned but still got in some good runs.

Monday - Rest day

Tuesday - CrossFit

This is a recovery week at TAGG so the workouts are a bit lower intensity. I managed to PR (Personal Record) my push press at 55kg which I was happy about as it means I am at least maintaining strength despite my running training. I have found in the past that I have weakened a lot when doing a lot of running, especially in shoulder and pressing exercises. I also managed American Kettlebell Swings on 20kg for the first time.

MET CON: For Time

Push Ups

Kettlebell Swings

Result: 3m35

Wednesday - Run - Camps Bay

The perfect storm hit at about 6.5km into my 13km run and due to some poor planning I didn't have my rain jacket with me...not a problem, one day there will be a race in these conditions and it helps to be prepared. I did the same route as last week, up Biskop - Kloof Nek - Camps Bay - Clifton - Biskop Sea Point. My time was better than last week and I managed to do the first run up Biskop unbroken which was great.


Thursday - Rest day

Despite taking delivery of my new Innov8 Roclite 285's I didn't get a chance to do anything.

Friday - Run - Sea Point Time Trial x 2

New choice of weaponry for shorter runs
I decided to try something new, I really need to track my 5km times but I don't see the point in getting up and out there for only 5km. So I did it twice which also helps me gauge my recovery and how much I can push myself when I am already tired. I took the new shoes out for a spin, despite them being trail shoes I thought I should wear them in on a short road run. I was happy enough with the first 5km (22:34) but would like to get it below 21 min. The second run I was feeling a bit slower and my phone ran out of battery so I was not able to get an accurate reading. I think it was about 23:30. All in all, not a bad 10km time when combined.


Saturday - Run - PUFfeR support

After sleeping and feeling well rested, I took off at 11am for the first long weekend trail run in a while. My goal was to do about 25km and hopefully link up with the guys running the PUFfeR somewhere along the way to watch them. As soon as I took off I knew my distance would be a lot shorter. I got dropped off in the wrong spot which meant I had a steep climb to start with no warm up and meant my legs were pretty tired for the rest. My route was from Ocean View road, up to Signal Hill, along the Signal Hill Road to Kloof Nek and over up to the Lower Cable Station. From there I hiked up to the contour path hoping to catch the PUFfeR guys but they weren't there yet. So then down and around the base of Lion's Head and back to Signal Hill. I chilled with the West Coast AC guys for a while and watched Paul Brittain come through on his way to winning the race. He had such a massive leave and so after waiting 20 min I headed home back via Ocean View drive. Not my best day out but I guess the bad days make the good days even better. Seeing the build-up during the week and watching all the posts and pics coming through on Twitter for those doing PUFfeR I quickly added this to my bucket list and from now on, this my focus for the next year.


Sunday - Rest day - Hike

The family went for an awesome walk through Silvermine which was prime opportunity to check out some of the trails. Definitely found some good routes to try out. On the way down however, I felt some ITB pain (a brand new feeling for me and it sucks!). So this next week will be a lot of rest as I fear the ITB.

Week run total
Mileage - 41.7km
Metres gained - 1,416m
Time - 4h13

Some pics of the WCAC check point on Signal Hill and some of the surrounds of Silvermine

Paul Brittain heading up one of the last inclines after travelling from
Cape Point over that big flat thing in the background

Paul Brittain at the last check point before claiming his victory

The West Coast AC guys put on an incredible spread, see you next year!

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