Thursday, 17 October 2013

Training log - 30.09 - 13.10: High mileage and half marathons

A bit of a mixed bag fortnight that saw some good surprises. The first week I did some consistent short runs which ended up with a decent higher mileage week and the second week busy-ness saw me taper nicely for a good gun run.

30.09 - 06.09

Monday - Run - Barefoot and time trial

I continued my training program for the barefoot running trial I am currently doing with SA Institute of Sports Science. I hit the promenade so that I could run on the grass for 3 x 4min runs with 2min walk breaks in between. I am finding these barefoot sessions are an excellent warm-up to my main run as it is a good muscle activation exercise. A bit out of ideas on what to do next, I hit the 5km time trial route on the promenade and was quite happy with a 21:36 time.

0 climb
38 min

Tuesday - Run - Newlands Forest

My mate Slothmobile was down from Durban and I have been trying to get him started on trail running for a while so I took him on my favourite loop at Newlands Forest. We took a slow casual jog and the regular stops on a perfect evening reminded me to focus less on training goals and more on training scenery.

575m climb
1h15 min +-

Wednesday - Rest

Thursday - Run - Sea Point to Camps Bay

Again with Slothmobile and now I was out to convince him to move to Cape Town so I took him on one of my favourite road runs from Sea Point to Camps Bay and back. Again a beautiful evening and nice chilled run.

0m climb
1h00 +-

Friday - Run - Barefoot and time trial

I rocked up for a CrossFit class only to find it booked up so I headed down to the promenade to do the same workout from Monday. My barefoot sesh was a bit longer with 3 x 5min runs with 2 min walk breaks. For the time trial I was wearing my CrossFit shoes (New Balance MT110) and although they are meant for minimalist running I don't really run in them as I am still transitioning. Setting out I really focussed on correct barefoot running technique but I was feeling tired so although I went as fast as I could I knew I could go quicker. Checking my watch at the end I was shocked to see I was almost a minute under my Monday time (when I ran in shod shoes) and my PB 5km clocked in at 20m51. Stoked with that and more convinced that minimalist running is the way to go.

0m climb

Saturday - Run - LSD to Hout Bay and back

I haven't been out for a long road run in a while and with Matroosberg coming up I was feeling a bit stressed about what is going to happen after the 30km point. So I packed my backpack and headed out for a nice slow jog from Sea Point to Hout Bay and back (pretty much the Bay2Bay route). 1 minute into the run and terror hit as my iPod battery went flat so Mumford and Sons had to remain mum and I would be running with only my thoughts. A nice chilled flat run with the only real hill being Suikerbossie on the way back. I felt really comfortable running up it and remembering Bay2Bay earlier on in the year, I realised how much more difficult trail running must be as I really struggled on this hill before shifting my running from road to trail. A great morning out, these types of mornings are what running training should be about.

874m climb

Sunday - Rest

Week run total
Mileage - 61.8km
Metres gained - 1,449m
Time - 6h22

07.09 - 13.10

I was happy with my last week, I managed to rack up some decent low stress mileage and ran 5 out of 7 days which will be the type of training program I will follow for 2 Oceans. I ran consistently and felt strong. This week I decided to take it a bit easier as I secured a late entry for Gun Run so it was time to rest and try push for a PB.

Monday - Rest

Tuesday - Barefoot run

2 x 8min runs with a 3min walk break. I started really feeling the technique click into place here of the more prose style of running but realised I have a lot more work to do on strengthening my feet before I can do long distances like this.

0m climb
19 min

Wednesday - Barefoot run

Same as yesterday but a bit less distance covered as I ran barefoot on the road causing some blisters.

0m climb
19 min

Thursday - Rest

Friday - Rest

Saturday - Rest

Sunday - Gun Run

What I fail to mention in those 3 preceding rest days is that 3 of them involved social events which meant my beer consumption was peaking. Not ideal for pre-race hydration but I still had a great race. Race report coming up.

Week run total
Mileage - 27.7km
Metres gained - ??
Time - 2h15

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